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Overview of digital transformation for website built by Discovr.
The Process

A simple way to understand your transformation in three strategic areas.

We’re presenting these strategies as a flexible solution because each journey is rather unique. Where the urgency of the challenges you face, your strengths, and where you find yourself on the journey to growing digitally will determine the tools we select. To help you understand the process we'll be undertaking, we’ve organised the strategies into three major area.


In the first area, Define, we'll set your customer-centric vision and roadmap ways to achieve it.

Set your vision

A vision communicates the desired future state of how your customers will experience your business online. Expressing your vision as a succinct statement is a good starting point (“By 2019, 80% of our booking leads will be obtained via direct channels”). However, the visualisation of a future-state customer experience will be clearly and viscerally communicated during the early stages of our chats.

We start by assessing the current state of your digital assets (customer experience, operational, technological capabilities and competitors) with an eye toward identifying your unique strengths and the unmet needs of your users and iteratively move from a verbal to a visual expression of your future.

This process will highlight the ways to creating a successful booking journey. Focussing on the convenience, service and pricing of each property, whilst bringing focus to local events, conferences and the beautiful regions on your dootstep. We not only expect this to make the customer experience more controlled and fluent but more importantly, the data will help us understand how to engage your highest converting audience.

Charting your roadmap

In my eyes an effective digital transformation assumes exploration of the latest advancements in technology and understanding of various ways to solve problems. Technology decisions also need to be maintainable and future-proofed so as your business grows, the website will remain adaptable in continuing to deliver high customer value.

After crafting your vision, the next critical step is defining how we will achieve it. Given that we’re combining multiple technologies in the form of data collection, pixels, cookies, CMS, outbound linking, etc simultaneously, the roadmap will develop several “swimlanes” that represent concurrent and complementary initiatives to achieving your vision.

This is clearly understood in the chosen technology stacks. Using frameworks, ideals and advancements that meet the highest standards, whilst conforming to the legacy of speed, responsiveness and browser compatibility. We start with nothing and build a solution that is customised around your growth - everything has it's place, purpose and will be instrumental in achieving the goals we've set.


In the second area, Prove, we’ll demonstrate the value of the vision through the design of the site.

Build beacons

Beacons are useful reference points that provide clear definitions of actions and occurrences on your website. To obtain the highest value and ROI from your new website it is important to implement identifiers that you'll use to measure failure, success, missed opportunities, and other data points that give basis to understanding your audience.

Your web beacons have been developed and determined by your customer-centric vision, with emphasis on using cookies and analytics to understand user behaviour and intentions. As these beacons identify the datasets, our understanding of the economic and cultural drivers will develop, allowing us to deliver stronger retargeting campaigns and limit wasted paid traffic.

Develop your site

From its inception, this project will be about user-centric design and solving a problem. We’ll always put users first while focusing on simplicity and customising a journey that promotes conversion. This step reviews all the other steps before it and unravels to your working and executable website.


Finally, Scale, we’ll execute, train and support your transition to obtain growing value and ROI.

Execute the site

Through the setup thus far, we have developed the site and it's functionality, now we'll set the site live. During this step, we'll be submitting the pages to multiple search engines, connecting to webmaster consoles, configuring a live production server, mapping your DNS (domains), set notifications of monitoring goals and installing your SSL certificates.

Measure value

Without a well-defined data strategy, you may collect and store volumes of data, but realise very little value from it, because it isn’t understood or mapped correctly. Without a healthy data culture, transparency and accountability suffer, resulting in repeated mistakes and resolvable inefficiencies instead of real growth.

Your data needs time to collect and any mapping of data thus far is based on assumptions - this is why we'll monitor your site over 90 days. During this step, we'll evolve the website to drive results, and for any issues to be correctly recognised, communicated, and resolved.

Choices we've already made

From hello to happy customer, here is a selection of technology choices we've already determined.

Massive collections of data, the expansion of different devices and screens, and skyrocketing customer expectations are forcing businesses to completely rethink their digital presence. This next wave of transformation will be all about experience and evolving to your audience needs - here is how we plan to launch you ahead of the competition.

Content Management System

Fast. Flexible. Future-proof.

Contentful is a developers knight with it's collection of APIs and SDKs that allow the management, integration, and scaling digital content across all types of clients, devices, and platforms, whilst the web app empowers editors to create unique content, reliably, and independently of an IT professional.

Technology Stack

Speed past the competition.

We don't build websites with last decade's tech and so Gatsby.js will be the obvious choice for your property websites. Forget complicated databases, servers and their expensive, time-consuming setup costs, maintenance, and scaling fears.

Gatsby.js builds your site as “static” files which can be deployed easily on dozens of services. Instead of waiting to generate pages when requested, we pre-build pages and lift them into a global cloud of servers — ready to be delivered instantly to your users wherever they are.

Prospecting Campaigns

Reach new channels to get more customers.

The goal of prospecting is to find new customers, track and engage an audience through the use of machine learning. Predicting characteristics of an audience that converts best at the lowest customer acquisition cost. Being programmatic, campaigns will get stronger and more effective as data is collected, which in turn will also reduce wasted click rates and campaign spending.

Remarketing Campaigns

Stop wasting your website traffic.

Your Remarketing campaigns will automatically collect information about all users visiting your website, and serve ads, email, SMS, or push notifications with the objective of funnelling them back to complete an engagement. Using machine learning, the campaigns become aware of the future visitors that are likely to convert and those that are not.

Experience Personalisation

Personalise the journey to continue the conversation.

When you understand the makeup of your audience, you can deliver targeted content and offers based on common characteristics. It’s also important to deliver consistent messages across your email, ad campaigns, social posts, and other any other channels where your content is specific to a segmented audience.

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