Get to know your customers.

Measure behavioral traits, segmentation and campaigns to understand how to engage your customers at every step of the booking journey.

Three ways you get more bookings.

Use these tools to understand what people are doing, so you can grow your bookings and deliver more of what’s working.

Target Scoring

Target scoring solves an important problem by identifying only your best opportunities.

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Heat Mapping

Heat Mapping shows you exactly where people are (or not) clicking on your pages.

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Actionable Insights

Clicks, shares, bounces - so many things you need to know to make better campaigns.

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Focus on the visitors that convert.

Target scoring is a process of assigning scores to page visitors based on their profile and behavioral data in order to prioritise your campaigns to those who are more likely to make a booking.

Insight Analytics


Know what works and show more of it.

Heat Mappping shows you exactly where people are clicking on your landing pages. With this information, you can then determine which content and call to action resonates best and show your visitors what they want to see.

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Monitor performance in real time.

Analyse how each of your pages are performing and identify which campaigns bring in the most visits, engagements, and customers over time. Then drill down into each source to see the individual performance.

Advertising Analytics

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