Finally, zero commission bookings.

Finding the right customers is just half the battle. That is why it's important to use tools that create engagement, rather than a singular call to action.

Three ways you get more bookings.

The great thing about being commission free is conversions can happen in many ways - creating engagement to turn visits to bookings.

Live Engagement

Just like in a real shop, you need to drive bookings by chatting with visitors.

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Taking Bookings

The optimal booking is made when you have the best way to take the booking.

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Overlay Strategies

Obtain new leads to drive bookings and capture leads by placing overlays.

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Truly helpful live experiences.

Discovr not only attracts visitors, we also have a dedicated team that engage with them. Providing answers to live questions, drive up-selling and walk them through the booking process.

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Grow your bookings without limits.

Creating a fluent and flexible way for your customers to make a booking is the upmost importance. If you use a channel manager, we can most likely connect to it. If not, you can add your own or ours to connect directly.



Smarter lead generation.

Target specific users based on behavior, action and intent across your landing page using our overlay strategies. The overlay is perfect for keeping visitors interested and funneling them to make a booking.

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Understand what people are doing, then deliver more of what’s working.

See how you're performing in real time with interactive data and analytics on your campaigns. Learn how your audience is engaging and booking, plus learn the effectiveness of your calls to action.

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