Reach travellers with online advertising.

Find and map new customers who fit your highest converting audience, or retarget visitors that left your website without making a booking.

Three ways you get more bookings.

Reach a wider distribution of your bookable services and intervene visitors, wherever and whoever they may be - or retarget those who left your website.


Attract new audiences who meet specific traits and are likely to make a booking.

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Bring back those who left your website through personalised advertising.

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Identify and target users that have visited competitors and agents online.

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The right message. The right time.

The goal of prospecting is to find new customers to your business. Discovr’s algorithm automatically collects user data, forming segments of people that get the highest bookings. Ads are then shown to an audience that converts best.

Name:Jessica Pierce Proximity:15km Activity:Hotel Check-in Trait tags:20-30 Channel:Facebook
38% likely to book
Name:Oscar Paisely Proximity:Sydney, AUS Activity:Booked Flights Trait tags:Family Travel Channel:Instagram
86% likely to book
Name:Matt Jones Proximity:Noosa, AUS Activity:Campervan Hire Trait tags:Outdoors Channel:Instagram
11% likely to book


Stop wasting your website traffic.

The goal of Retargeting is to reach customers that are slipping away. Discovr will automatically collect information about all users visiting your website, and serve ads with the objective of funneling them back to make a booking.

Oscar Paisely Activity:Left your site
Did Oscar start a booking?
Did Oscar complete booking?
Did Oscar start a booking?


A booking journey customers act on.

Targeted customer profiles make it easy to send people advertising they care about. With our powerful segmentation, you can easily build complex profiles and target your customers with precision, wherever and whomever they may be.

Intervene Bookings

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Message match your landing pages to convert the most bookings.

Without message matching advertising clicks yield lower conversions. It’s really as simple as that, you need to deliver relevant experiences. If visitors don’t get what they want, they go elsewhere.

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